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Maria is currently accepting new students in her private studio in the Santa Clarita, California area. Please email maria@rameymusic.com to receive current rates and more information.

Studio Policy


Teaching Style

I tailor my teaching approach to each individual student, catering to their learning style and taking their individual goals into account. I believe it is most effective to be encouraging and supportive, highlighting strong areas and working with the student to assess problem areas and discover ways to correct them. We will develop foundational skills with scales and etudes, bring out musicality and performance energy with solo work and also work on music the student may need to learn for school, band etc.

The First Lesson

The first lesson will need to be 45-60 minutes long. This will give us time to get to know one another, for me to assess the current skill level, for you to ask questions and for me to discover the student's learning style and assign music accordingly. If the student has had previous lessons, I encourage you to bring all books and a prepared piece to play for me. I will give you a list at the end of the lesson of what needs to be purchased based on the skill level, goals and music you may already have. Lesson length should be determined by the student's age/ability and concentration level. Generally it is recommended to take a minimum of 45 minute lessons unless the student is under age 9. 30 minutes is not usually enough time to get through all material in full depth.

Fees (subject to change – please call to confirm)

30 minute lesson $40.00
45 minute lesson $50.00
60 minute lesson $60.00

Travel Fee: Price includes travel to your home within approx. 12 miles of my home in Santa Clarita. Further travel or excessive traffic between our homes will require an extra fee per lesson due to the extra amount of time it will require.
Materials fee (only applicable to students ages 8 and younger): $5/month.
(This covers activities, coloring pages, music “homework” stickers, etc.)
Group lesson rates available in some cases
Music books and tools (such as metronome, tuner etc.) may be purchased at various music stores, or directly from me in some cases.


While the fees are calculated based on minutes per lesson, payment for an entire upcoming month is due at once. Students are expected to pay for the entire month's lessons at the first lesson of the month. If payment is not made by the first lesson of the month, a late fee of $10 will be added to the total.

Recitals and Performances

I expect students to seek out performance opportunities, such as through church or school, and also pursue competitions and auditions relevant to their age and skill level. We will also hold an annual recital where each student will perform one or two solos and possibly a duet with another student. This will give students the opportunity to perform as well as learn concert etiquette and support each other.


Students are expected to practice every day for a minimum of half an hour. Older, more advanced students are expected to practice a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour. Consistent practice is necessary to progress in ability. We will discuss proper practice techniques and have a clear outline of what the student needs to focus on. Students who show a consistent pattern of non-practice without a justifiable reason may be dropped.

Lesson Times

It is recommended that you schedule your child's lessons at an optimal time of the day; when they are not tired, hungry or distracted.

As a performing musician, my own schedule is always changing and I may have an occasional “gig” that conflicts with a lesson time. While I try to schedule lessons at times and days that are least likely to conflict with a gig, I may need to change a lesson time once in awhile. You will be notified in advance and given options for a different time that week.


Students are expected to attend weekly. Cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance and will only be made up in case of illness or other emergency and if my schedule allows. If I have to cancel a lesson, we will either make it up later in the week or deduct the cost of the lesson from the next month's payment. If a student arrives late to a lesson, the lesson will still end at the designated time. Consistent and extreme tardiness may be grounds for dismissal.

Studio Drops

I reserve the right to drop students from my studio at any time and will notify the student in advance and attempt to refer them to another teacher if applicable. The student may also choose to drop out of the studio at any time, also with advance notice. Refunds will not be given for lessons in the month that the drop is made when it is done by the student.

Studio Guidelines

At this time I only teach in my student's homes. We will need an area for lessons that is quiet and free from distractions. Please note that if a student is not at home when I arrive for a scheduled lesson time that lesson will not be made up or refunded.


While my schedule is quite full, I welcome new students and do my best to accommodate them. If you refer a new student to me, make sure they mention the referral and you will receive one free lesson. The month following the new student's first month of lessons will be prorated to reflect the free lesson.

Young Students

I accept anyone at any skill level. I believe that even a very young child can have a passion for music and the capacity to learn basic musical concepts. I do accept students as young as four or five, providing they know their alphabet, can count, and have a true desire to learn music. I strongly recommend that a child this young only be enrolled if at least one parent knows music so that instruction can continue at home in between lessons and practice can be facilitated. At this age, however, they are too small to hold and play a regular flute. We will begin instruction on the Yamaha Fife, learning musical concepts and developing skills that can transfer over to the flute when they are big enough. Children ages 6-8 may do well on a Jupiter Prodigy flute, which is light and small with a curved headjoint. The learning experience will be tailored to the child's age and grasp of new concepts.

A parent is required to stay for the lesson so that behavior can be controlled and so that the parent can see what/how the child is learning and reinforce that at home. Please keep in mind that a young child is not likely to progress as obviously as an older student on flute-specific skills. We will work a lot on basic musical concepts while interjecting flute-specific skills at a pace that won't overwhelm the child. This will lay the groundwork for easy transition to, and quick progression on, a regular flute when the child is big enough. I understand that on occasion a young child will be cranky or restless on any particular day and I will provide various hands-on activities to redirect their focus, but there are no refunds if a lesson has to be cut short because the child is no longer focusing. If this continues regularly, we may need to reassess whether the child is ready for lessons.

I do require a “materials fee” of $5 per month for children under age 9. This covers activity and coloring pages, games, stickers and other musically motivating treats and educational material.



Helpful Student Files
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Studio Policy

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Student Information Form (fill out and bring to first lesson)


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